Information for admission



Information for admission

The preparatory department conducts Pre-university training program for students to get admitted on the main programs of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies.

At the preparatory department, students learn Russian language and disciplines according to the profile of the pre-training program and profile of their future studies.

The list of documents required for issuing an invitation of a foreign citizen to the FSBEI HE «Naberezhnye Chelny State Pedagogical University»:

- Passport’s copy (sample page of passport with photo)

- Passport translation (passport translation sample)

Also do not forget to indicate the country and city where you will receive a visa to enter the Russian Federation.

The period of training is 1 academic year or 1 year and 6 months (according to the program of studies and its orientation).

The form of study: full-time.

The list of documents required for enrollment in Pre-university training program in the FSBEI HE «Naberezhnye Chelny State Pedagogical University»:

1. Passport and its notarized (certified) translation into Russian;

2. Diploma (degree/school certificate) and its notarized (certified) translation into Russian;

3. A medical certificate of an established form, indicating that the candidate has no medical contraindications for studying in the Russian Federation (Certificate 086-U);

4. A certificate indicating the absence of HIV infection;

5. Matte colour photos, 6 pieces, size 3x4 cm.

The accommodation on campus is app. from 1000 to 3500 rubles a month per person.

The tuition fee for 1 academic year is 65 000 roubles.

The tuition fee for 1 year and 6 months of studying is 90 000 roubles. 

Training programs

In accordance with the order of October 3, 2014 No. 1304 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the order “On the approval of requirements for the development of additional general education programs providing training for foreign nationals and stateless persons to master professional educational programs in Russian”, in order to prepare for the educational program mastery, the student must master an additional general educational program in Russian language.

Depending on the orientation of the future educational program, the student must master additional general educational programs simultaneously with the additional general educational program related to the studying of the Russian language.

Pre-training programs available:

- Engineering and technical in Russian and English languages (Profile subjects are: Russian, Physics, Math);

- Biomedical in Russian and English languages (Profile subjects are: Russian, Chemistry, Biology).

Upon completion of the training, students receive a certificate.

Holidays are planned during the New Year’s celebration.

During the first semester, only Russian language is studied. During the second semester, profile disciplines are added to the studying of Russian language.

The course of Russian as a foreign language consists of the following parts:

- Elementary level;

- Basic level;

- Certificate level.

During the training, students pass the following exams:

• Exam on the elementary level of the Russian language;

• Exam on the basic level of the Russian language;

• Final exam on the certificate level of the Russian language. (Final exam on grammar, reading, listening, writing, speaking);

• Examination on the profile disciplines.


The university allocates a limited number of places in dormitories for pre-training program students.

Dormitory Addresses:

Block No. 1: Naberezhnye Chelninsky prospect, 24

Block No. 2: Nizametdinova street, 1B

Dormitories are located within a walking distance of the university.

The issues of migration registration of foreign citizens arriving at FSBEI HE “NGPU” are dealt with by the Department of International Relations. The first building of FSBEI HE "NGPU", the 1st floor, 8 (8552) 33-66-70

Contact information

Khalimova Nailya Aidarovna

Specialist in educational work of the Preparatory department

8 (8552) 33-66-70